Love over gold

I’ve just put the album on and am currently mulling over how well it sums up Humanism. I mean, it would seem to sum it up very nicely indeed but then if I was to make a choice I would have to choose gold. Might have to give it some more thought.

Along those lines, the Humanist Action Group headed out on Thursday to do our usual trip round. As normal there were two of us which is interesting given 17 people decided to join the HAG group on Facebook and proudly display it on their profile.

Interestingly though it was at least a different two this week. Rich was unable to make it has he has retreated back to his parents for a while due to illness so myself and Nicola headed out. Turns out there were quite a lot of people out, which is a good thing in one respect and a bad way in others. Strange feeling really.



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