Josh’s leaving do

A few weeks ago we said goodbye to our product designer Josh as he moved on to metaphorically bigger and better things (that means his new company isn’t actually better, I’m just being poetic).

We were doing a half Otley Run or so was the plan but it turned out to be a half Otley Run in more ways than one – half of us actually bothered dropping by each pub, the other half simply drove straight from the first pub, all the way to town. Still it was nice to get round a few of the old haunts.

The evening really brought home how much Josh will be missed in the office. Not for the work he does, because he handed that all over to Jason two months ago and nobody really knows what he has been doing since then, but because he was a true bastion for Pub Club, always up for a pint and a hunters chicken baguette. While myself, Jason and Disco will attempt to carry on in his absence I rather fear Curry Club will never be the same again and West End House Wednesdays will at best be a romantic man-date only featuring myself and Jason.

In any case, I wish him the best of luck at his new job at MadeByPi.



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