Hotel Haven review

While in Helsinki we stayed at Hotel Haven.

I was expecting the rooms to be really small, as they are shown so on the virtual tours. However, it seems that is only for sea room views; our room was quite large.

Positive points:

  • Good size room
  • Very well furnished
  • The wifi was included and didn’t come with any stupid login system – you just got the WPA2 code, connected as many devices as you liked and you’re on permanently
  • TV in the bathroom
  • Shower had a massaging shower head
  • Breakfast was good
  • Staff were helpful
  • It was very quiet
  • The beds were very comfortable and I got some brilliant night’s sleep
  • The curtains did a great job of keeping the light out

Points for improvement:

  • Our TV slash entertainment system didn’t work on the first night
  • The bed was two single beds joined together
  • The windows didn’t open

Overall, it was a really enjoyable stay and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.


IMG_7560 IMG_7561 IMG_7562

Video review:



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