30 Days of Action: Days 17 & 18

Yesterday was a write-off. Venla was ill again, so I spent most of the day looking after her. The time I did get free I spent at the gym and doing biological psychology reading. I think that means I have technically failed the challenge. Thanks, Venla.

But some of the work seems to be paying off. Four people requested a personalised report yesterday. It’s not currently hooked up to my mailing list, as I wanted to monitor people’s behaviour before I do that, but so far it looks like it could be a valuable source for reaching new people.

Paying customers are coming through on the Mindfulness for Social Anxiety course, too.

Today has been a little better in terms of work. I’ve queued up week 8 of WAM’s Running for Anxiety course and scheduled the email announcement, too.

Second, I went through my new book with my editorial team (Elina) and made all of the corrects. I still have some further editing to do but things are looking to be in good shape.



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