09/09/09 Party

By Wednesday evening Lil had been up for over 24 hours having worked nights on Tuesdays and then fueled herself up on Relentless. Or crack, it’s hard to tell the difference when someone the size of Lil drinks an entire can of Relentless. As we haven’t seen the can, or the crack, whichever one it actually was, I guess we’ll never know.

So the obvious thing to do in this situation was to head over to Nicola’s 09/09/09 party celebrating the fact it was the 9th of September 2009 – an idea she had only made up the night before while drunk at the A-Soc social and had just invited “very special friends” to despite the fact that there were over 70 people on the Facebook guest list.

Lil George and Chris Tom and Nicola



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