Window one

It’s the little things that annoy you.

“Can I have a beef and chedder toasted deli sandwich please?”
“We don’t do the beef and chedder any more, it’s now beef and red onion. Is that ok?”
“You don’t do the beef one anymore?”
“Yes but it’s now beef and red onion. It still has cheese on.”
“I’ll have a quarter pounder meal please”

Why is it people stop at the menu board then when they pull up to window one and I ask them what I can get them they stop and have a little think. Seriously, you’ve just been parked at the menu board looking at what you want, decided, then driven round to place your order, why do you need to think about this?

So today I was working window one (the drive-thru bit where we take orders). It’s easier than working front counter as you just take the orders, you don’t have to assemble everything. Though you do have to pass out straws, napkins, etc. As well as doing breakfast menu I went all the way today though and did main menu too, how fancy is that?

Back on point, my quote wasn’t really a little thing. Because I’d already selected deli meal and so the only way I could remove that was to total it which in order to do I had to specify a deli sandwich and a drink too. I then had to void both the sandwich and the drink each one requiring me to swipe a managers card through the till. How annoying is that? Every time a customer changes their mind or you get something wrong in order to remove it you need a manger card. Why? What’s the point?

Other than that is was quite cool, it’s doing something new. I’m sure it will be boring once I get used to it but at the moment it’s interesting. It’s weird though as like breakfast, when you have nothing to do, you actually have nothing to do. On closes or indeed in the kitchen generally there is always something to do. Wipe down counters, get more stock out, tidy up, etc but on window one there really isn’t that much to do. I found myself wandering into the kitchen to tidy, re-stock and sort out chicken orders when they were waiting on something.



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