What to do, what to do?

As I’ve previously mentioned to some of you, I will have a few days off over the holiday period which is quite a rare treat. Obviously I need to make the most of this time so I’m beginning the process of tendering for time early.

Therefore I will be taking applications and proposals for what to do with my time. Current proposals include…

  • House Metrics
  • Particle Soft
  • Re-launching Worfolk Creative
  • Spending time with the parents
  • Authoring my far from long awaited book
  • Sleeping

If would would like to submit an application or proposal for something I should allocate my time to please submit an application in electronic writing to the usual email address detailing what it is you think I should be doing and why it’s worth my time. All submissions are strictly non-confidential. Thanks in advance 🙂 .



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