University applications equals moaning

Well now, I am currently beginning to start the university applications process so I have a lot of moaning about the system. Iím just getting started but some people had their applications off almost four weeks ago. In fact the university could have already decided to take them Ė donít believe them when they tell you it isnít first come first served.

Second of course is that the first year for a-levels is just to mess around. And yet it is these grades and your predicted grades which will get you into the universities that you are applying for Ė so most of us are doomed from the start. Although luckily they will be getting round to changing that.

To continue
the moan, I donít know what I really want to do now.

Anyway this
is like a two day thing lol. I wrote half it on Wednesday and it is now
Saturday. I went to the Leeds Met open day today which was a bit of a bust to
begin with but the multimedia course looks quite good.

Anyway as Iím
not really sure what I was moaning about (not because there isnít anything to
moan about but because there is so much it could have been so many things) I am
going to go ahead and end it here. My tip of the day Ė get a job ;).



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