U never know what’s around the corner

Upon checking my emails recently I found an email with the following content in. It was not addressed to me, nor did the email it was sent from match that of the email in the body. But nobody would lie on the internet, right?

Good evening, master

I want to be your servant which is ready to make all your dreams come true. My name is Marya. I am 25, young, pretty beautiful and I like sexual experiments like BDSM, roleplaying and other. I am sure that sex is about freedom and not only about missionary pose, right?

I am searching for a man who is ready to satisfy me fully, u know what I mean, right?) If you ready to break any boundaries and ready to experience the most ardent desire and best sex in ur life then do not hesitate and write an answer as soon as you can! I am already waiting!

Please kindly send your respond to maryaredrose@ymail.com.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

P.S.: To accelerate you I’ve attached some ero pics of me…

Yours, Marya

She had also attached a picture of herself, and it turns out she was quite attractive.

So I emailed her back.


You’re gorgeous. Where are you? How did you get my details?


She hasn’t responded. It’s almost as if it is some kind of scam…



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