U never know what’s around the corner

Upon checking my emails recently I found an email with the following content in. It was not addressed to me, nor did the email it was sent from match that of the email in the body. But nobody would lie on the internet, right?

Good evening, master

I want to be your servant which is ready to make all your dreams come true. My name is Marya. I am 25, young, pretty beautiful and I like sexual experiments like BDSM, roleplaying and other. I am sure that sex is about freedom and not only about missionary pose, right?

I am searching for a man who is ready to satisfy me fully, u know what I mean, right?) If you ready to break any boundaries and ready to experience the most ardent desire and best sex in ur life then do not hesitate and write an answer as soon as you can! I am already waiting!

Please kindly send your respond to maryaredrose@ymail.com.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

P.S.: To accelerate you I’ve attached some ero pics of me…

Yours, Marya

She had also attached a picture of herself, and it turns out she was quite attractive.

So I emailed her back.


You’re gorgeous. Where are you? How did you get my details?


She hasn’t responded. It’s almost as if it is some kind of scam…




  1. Raby says:

    ” To accelerate you ” – definitely going to steal that phrase!

  2. SHin says:

    I got same email but she respond on me lol !

  3. big rhino says:

    hahahah…. so.. we have a common thread here… she also send me email like this..

    Hello, my new friend!
    I am very glad that you responded to my little letter.
    I think that age is not important in the relationship between human beings. The most important thing is the ability to love and respect! The soul and a pure heart the most important components of human rights. Age does not matter.
    As they say, love for all ages.
    I ask to read my letter very carefully, for me it is important to know your opinion about what I write.
    Based on your responses, I’ll be watching, whether it makes sense to continue our dialogue further.
    To be honest, I do not like being ignored. Just happens that I tell people about yourself, you can open the heart to say, but I just ignore it, sending me a stale form of letters, and sometimes even forgetting to change the name of the girl, which this letter was intended. This is very insulting and it caused me a lot of pain in the past, I do not want this to happen again.
    Just do not worry, I’m not angry. Do not jump to conclusions, read my letter to the end and even then make conclusions. I’m actually very nice and friendly. Just makes life often to be careful because many cases of deception and evil.
    Who knows what will end our correspondence, but I hope that we with you will be a minimum of fine friends.
    I am from Russia. I am a student now studying in the Medical Academy of Arkhangelsk. In the near future I have planned a study tour in your country. But more about that in my next letter.
    First, to begin a dialogue, I want to tell you immediately that the money I earn to live striptease dance.
    And I do not think it’s disgraceful. I am not ashamed of my work. If this is contrary to your moral and ethical principles, and you do not want to talk with me, you can save time and then do not read my letter.
    I like people who are not afraid of public opinion about itself, I like people who are not afraid of open expression of desire.
    I hope you understand what I am writing to you. If you do not understand something, please ask me about this again.
    I enjoy having fun, I love jokes, anecdotes, and I am very cheerful character. Since I never get bored.
    I appreciate and love the people who are close to me. I very much hope that we will become very close friends, because you really like.
    Very rarely happens to me that someone I loved at first sight. I am very picky about people.
    But you caught me at something. I do not know what. You just like me on a subconscious level.
    You know how it happens, like a man, and the other does not. All at a subconscious level. I very well understand people.
    I do not want to brag about it, but it’s true. Although I am not too old, I was only 25 years old, but I had a hard life, and I had to grow up early.
    I’m just waiting on someone to protect, but I hope only for myself. It taught me to enjoy every moment of life, never lose heart and do not complain about destiny. In fact, we are the creators of destiny. Do you agree with me?
    I want to tell you more about me. As I told you earlier, I am 25 years old, all the rest you can see in my photos. My height is 1.68 cm and my weight is 54 kg.
    I am an orphan. I have no relatives. I have never been married and I have no children.
    Since childhood, I grew up in an orphanage (orphanage for children who have no parents). These were very difficult years, it was very difficult.
    But what to do, it’s been in my life and there’s no getting around it. Now I am horrified to think of his life in an orphanage. Poverty, hunger, constant insults. I hurt to remember those years. I do not want to talk more about it. All this is very painful for me and please do not ask me about it. I’ll tell you more about that later, when we are most familiar.
    I also want to discuss with you a problem. On the Internet, a lot of hype, I was faced with this, talking to people before.
    Sometimes, it seems that does not communicate with the living man, and a computer program. You’re a real person? 🙂 Sorry for the share of sarcasm, but life has taught me to be “on guard”.
    If you have a chance, please let me know your phone number. In the near future if the opportunity, I’ll call you.
    I want to say that if you want only my erotic pictures, and if I was not interested in you as a person who does not need to write me something more. Many have tried to get tricked into my pictures. Someone told me he loved me, doing a variety of compliments, someone was just being cheeky, but if I do not like people, I do not do intimate photographs for him. As soon as men understand it, they immediately disappeared. It was very painful and sad for me.
    I do not mind explicit pictures, I even really wanted to do it for you. I like it when I have admired, it raises my spirits. But, I do not want anyone forced me.
    When I want, I’ll do candid photos, and send them to you if you want to.
    I hope to see your letter as soon as possible. I would be very interested to know you more!!
    Please tell us more about yourself, about your country, the city where you live. It’s very interesting to me.
    I have for you is a big request, please answer all my questions and comment on what you think about everything that I wrote. It is very important to me.
    Do not forget about me and write me as soon as possible.
    With best wishes,

    is it a SCAMM ????

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