The Seabirds review

The Seabirds is a pub slash restaurant in Flamborough village.

It’s a relatively small place and the service was snappy. I started with the prawn cocktail which was a bit of a disappointment. The salad bed, usually lettuce, had lots of other ingredients in including celery, pepper and cucumber. This over complicated a simple dish and with a shortage of sauce on it, didn’t produce a good result. Elina fared better with her goat’s cheese.

My main was an improvement. The posh surf and turf consisted of a rump steak with half a lobster on top. Some of the steak was cooked correctly but a lot of it wasn’t (it was two halves of different thicknesses) and the lobster was covered in a cheese sauce – I have yet to decide whether this was a good thing or bad thing.

We finished things off with a cheese cake that was delicious and had a surprisingly amount of alcohol in the base. An enjoyable meal but for the price, I was expecting the food to be a little better.



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