That Mitchell & Webb Sound series 1

From time to time, I want to quickly find my favourite That Mitchell & Webb Sound sketch, but there doesn’t seem to be an index of them. So, I’ve done one, for series one at least.

Episode 1

Time Sketch
00:24 Bit of ham on your face
02:33 Sex scenes with people yelling “now we know!”
05:12 Radio 4 “Sciencey stuff”
08:30 Grand piano busker
09:12 Wedding vows
11:11 Bookshop in someone’s house
12:39 Pit ponies
14:27 Ross Kemp as Gandi
14:50 Hairdressers Sans Frontières
16:45 Snooker commentators
18:15 Advert for “The Word Master”
19:00 Touching Cloth dry cleaning business
22:11 Guy who has a band
24:12 Party invites: Scooby Gang

Episode 2

Time Sketch
00:24 The Ring dinner party conversation
02:29 Imagine That: baked potato
05:21 Flightless birds on an island (dodos)
07:35 Radio Switzerland
09:37 Hospital announcement: fire
10:02 Jason: Make Over City (shopping for socks and a bag)
12:02 Snooker commentators: nutty earnest, gold fish
12:57 Blokes doing Sex and the City
15:28 Hospital announcement: Bomb
15:50 Introduction to voodoo
17:34 Nice man: park bench
19:18 Bad writers: medical drama
21:14 Break up advice (planting the crack)
23:29 Hospital announcement: dead woman in toilets
23:39 Party invites: Bond

Episode 3

Time Sketch
00:24 Heaven is only for the Amish
02:42 Big Talk: Aids pandemic
04:27 Castrati (Sopranos parody)
05:51 Jason: Sell that house to them
08:50 Call centre staffed by children
10:50 Rabbit news night
11:40 Ignore charity appeals, and buy stuff
12:38 Charge of the Light Brigade reading
13:35 Welcome to Hufflepuff
15:59 Environment – how much stuff can we keep?
19:00 Kipling reading, “If”
19:45 Jungle book, Mowgli’s parent’s night
21:37 Nick Hornby parody
22:29 Queen Victoria radio address
23:23 Party invites: Hitler

Episode 4

Time Sketch
00:24 Nature Notes: bird song
03:02 Direct credit pensions
04:09 Spy who works at vehicle licensing centre in Swansea
05:39 Road rescue helpline for broken down car
06:53 Downloaded the whole internet
09:24 Snooker commentator: drinking during inteval
10:39 No hot water in a hotel
11:27 Jason: Crap in the loft
14:30 Golden anniversary island
15:00 Lessons from 18th century France
17:50 Sold your novel
18:38 Big Talk: is there a god?
20:06 Nice doctor
21:26 Fishing for cats
23:53 Returning jeans because she is too fat
25:36 Party invites: Ghandi

Episode 5

Time Sketch
00:24 Increase in MPs salaries
02:16 The Late One: reads letter, sings Gold Finger
04:00 Drinks: chat up beer, pity beer
06:19 Total pants rap song
07:39 Exciting Adventures of Sir Digby Casear Salad
09:42 Snooker commentators: Lager is more fizzy
10:46 Tram crash safety campaign
12:37 The Late One: Domestic violence
14:26 Correspondance golf
17:15 Life insurance for old people
18:47 Writers: spy drama
20:35 What do you really think? (Minister’s interview)
21:29 The Late One: Lonely, Hilter
23:00 Global warming, cold in my flat
24:00 Party invites: Darth Vader

Episode 6

Time Sketch
00:24 Shooting take away pizza menu deliverers, Stalin, Hilter
03:12 We meet years ago, I’ve written you a song
05:03 Porn on 4: Radio 4 review show
06:17 Drama about how horrible war is
08:22 Jason: Where it is, where it is, where it is
11:31 Fisherman catching all the fish
12:04 Snooker commentators: Shandy
13:23 Splitting a restaurant bill
14:30 Posh actor footballers
16:01 Ignore BBC3
16:19 Harold Wilson impersonator
16:41 Phone call from Mike’s mugger
18:54 Can’t remember the word “horse”
20:19 57% of people say interest rates have gone up
21:29 Red flags in front of cars
21:51 Birthday party at a strip club (the crack)
23:18 Round table: I could have written your book
23:37 Party invites: Oscar Wilde


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