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The Hydro

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 | Reviews

For week three of our swimming tour, we drove up to Harrogate to visit The Hydro.

Changing facilities were okay. It’s all one big mixed changing room with individual cubicles. This made it quite difficult to get Venla changed as we had to use a changing table, which is complicated when everyone is wet.

The pool itself very good. The main pool actually has a deep end. It claims to be 1.8 metres deep, but my measurement put it at about 1.7 metres. They had three swim lanes as well as a general area.

The children’s pool was very warm and had a slight gradient, too. In the shallow end, I could sit on the bottom while holding Venla. There were lots of toys and floats about. Venla really enjoyed the watering cans.

They have a diving pool, too.

The “session” was just general swimming all morning. This was great as it meant we did not have to be there for a specific time or get kicked out.

The viewing area is much nicer than other pools. They have a cafe that serves a good range of hot food including breakfast and main meals, and you can sit inside or pool side. It is cash only, though.

Virgin Active

Monday, January 16th, 2012 | Life

Recently, we’ve been trailing round different health clubs to find a good one and finally made it to Virgin Active, previously Esporta, located in The Light.

It has the advantage of being an over 18s only gym, which is great, and the facilities are very nice too. The only issue was that they treat their pool water with something different to any other pool I’ve ever been in, which resulted in Elina feeling like she was going to be sick every time she accidentally tasted any of it.

They do have two hot tubs though and if there is one thing I appreciate – it’s a redundancy-based service continuation solution.