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Sunday, busy Sunday

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 | Friends, Life

Having being partying for three nights in a row, I managed to pull myself out of bed in time for Christmas dinner which had been skillfully cooked by my housemates. It was a nice meal indeed and featured all the expected trimmings laid out with a set of plates and table dressings kindly proved by Norm’s mum.

Having spent three hours eating and a can of 24 later I headed upstairs to squeeze in the normal Sunday workload (which unfortunately is still going but I have some free time to catch up on Thursday lol) before heading out to my mum’s birthday shindig at 7:30.

It turns out my mum is rather popular. I thought I did well getting 19 people out to my birthday do on a Sunday but apparently, I was very much beaten by the 20-30 people that turned up to the pub to wish my mum a happy birthday.

Finally having spent a few hours catching up with friends and family there I dashed over to the Crusader to catch the end of the pub quiz and arrived just in time to find everyone leaving. But no worries as it just meant moving on to get food so all was not lost. In the end, I ended up getting to bed at a reasonable time too, not bad for such a packed day.

The open road

Monday, November 24th, 2008 | Friends, Life

We didn’t half get round last night. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in that way.

We started the night with a stop at Co-op to get a sandwhich. But they didn’t have any. Well, they had one egg and cress or some crap. Certainly not the kind of sandwhich you would ever actually eat. So we headed over the road to Sainsbury’s. Who didn’t have any either. So we ended up settling for a bit of a random assortment of food.

It was then off to Xscape for some bowling which is where things started to go wrong. Having found Charlotte hanging out with her 50 year old friends she proceeded to somehow beat us in the first game. Hang your head in shame guys 😀 . Luckily some sense of normality was restored and I won the second game.

Next stop was Hunslet McDonald’s as Craig was on the close over there. It didn’t feel as traitorous as exprected to go elsewhere but then they didn’t have any M meat so was it really worth it? We finished the night by heading back over to Colton Mill as to not disappoint Becky. How nice are we? 😀

The great Xscape

Monday, November 10th, 2008 | Friends, Life

Another Sunday night having rolled around we met up in The Crusader car park (which is looking dangerously like it’s never going to re-open given there is now a housing builder banner across the front of it 🙁 ) and headed off to Xscape for another exciting night of fun.

Despite Steph’s best attempt to bring the atmosphere down with her attitude problem, a guest appearance by Miss Pickles and a fair deal of alcohol (given we weren’t on a bar night) kept people in high spirits throughout the night and as usual provided one or two classic pictures. Becky even managed to stay on her feet for the whole night though the same couldn’t be said for Charlotte 😀 .

I managed some fairly average scores not much over a hundred, worthy of second place and first place on my lane respectively but the real victories of the evening was Craig’s overall win of 148 and Zoe being particuarly on form scoring 120-odd, doubling her usual total.


Monday, November 3rd, 2008 | Life

As part of our “The Crusader is closed, what do we do” thing, we headed off to Xscape at Castleford for some bowling on Sunday evening.

I’m not a massive fan of bowling because it is technically a sport which means I am probably going to be fairly rubbish at it but I struggled through and managed to bowl 127 in my first game taking victory. I slipped down to second place in the second game but never the less I think I could be considered a minor success given I haven’t been bowling in a month or two.

The real fun though was given some road testing to my new digital camera (which I should really blog about sometime) and getting some action shots.

Escaping to Xscape

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 | Events, Friends, Life

It’s possibly the end of an era. The Crusader has closed down! No more pub quiz on a Sunday night 🙁 . At least for the moment, the pub is up for sale but it’s been up for sale for a long time and apparently built up quite a lot of debt while they were unable to find a buyer and so has now been closed down.

Every cloud has a silver lining however and this has been a bit of a catalyst for ideas as to what else we can get up to on a Sunday night. The quiz wasn’t that important, mainly because we lost every week, so maybe this is the start of something new.

As a result the first of our new ideas for night’s out was to go to Xscape in Castleford to shoot some pool. I’ve never been to Xscape before it is a fairly impressive place in terms of size and facilities (complete with a 24 hour Friday Saturday McDonald’s just over the road) and the pool was good, £4 an hour all you can play.

It’s a good enough replacement to fill the void left by pub quiz, we got plenty of conversation in as I hitched a lift down there with Zoe, came back with Rich and had a phone call with Scoj live from Ireland too. As usual Becky ended the night on the floor too. Fast times indeed.

When you think all is lost

Monday, August 11th, 2008 | Distractions

How many of you have seen American Graffiti? If not, well, you should. It’s a defining moment in the young George Lucas’s film career and will explain a lot of Simpsons jokes to you. But never the less I shall fill you in. It’s a movie about the 50’s rock and roll cruising culture in the States before it made way for the crime and the drugs.

That’s exactly what The D used to be like. We’d get out from a close at 3am and cruise down to Tesco, grab ourselves a sandwhich and eat, chat and generally wind down.

Those days are gone. Less closers, people heading straight off claiming they are tired despite being doped up on caffeine, taurine and increasingly these days even alcohol as well. The drink and the drugs is pushing out the friendly sandwhich culture which made the old days so great.

Still, having gone through the usual Sunday night ritual of pub quiz then drive thru for some late night food we found ourselves for one night re-capturing the spirit those days, if only for one night. What made last night different from any other night? Maybe it was because we had all been drinking more the normal. And maybe, just maybe, alcohol really is the cause, and solution to all of lives problems.