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SocietasPro 1.0 released

Sunday, February 5th, 2012 | Foundation

SocietasPro website

We’re very pleased to simultaneously announce the launch of the SocietasPro website and version 1.0 of SocietasPro! We’ve been busy over the past few weeks preparing SocietasPro to be a deployable application – tidying everything up, getting rid of the bugs and creating an easy to use installer.

We’ve also launched the SocietasPro website which contains an overview of it’s features, videos, support forums and more. You can also find documentation for using the software on the project’s GitHub wiki.

SocietasPro v0.4

Sunday, January 1st, 2012 | Foundation

The next release of SocietasPro. Here is what we’ve changed:

  • Implemented a password recovery system
  • Location is now shown on the events listings page
  • HTML Purifier is now used for filtering
  • Custom columns are now supported by import members
  • Custom columns now supports select boxes
  • The control panel now has a version checker
  • You can now change a member’s password
  • Custom columns are now included in exports
  • There is now a high contrast stylesheet for better accessibility
  • Improved visual editor
  • System pages have now been styled
  • Added a calendar view to events

SocietasPro v0.2

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 | Foundation

We’re pleased to announce the second iteration of SocietasPro is now available to download! As we mentioned in our last release, we were hoping to have this iteration out by the end of the month and we’ll pleased to see we’re well within that deadline.

What has changed in this release:

  • So many bug fixes they aren’t even worth listing 😉
  • Ability to order pages
  • Ability to filter audit trails
  • Magic getters added to objects
  • Added Bug Scanner to pick up on coding errors
  • Audit trail now translates
  • Restructured the file and directory layout
  • Added Klingon translation
  • Implementing namespaces into coding framework
  • Implementing stackable error messages
  • Partial saving is now done even when there are errors
  • Improved handling of database errors
  • Added submenus to each controller
  • Custom columns for the members system
  • Adding group name option
  • Admin module has a fresh new look
  • Expanding the control panel

Here are some screenshots too:

SocietasPro v0.1

Sunday, November 13th, 2011 | Foundation

This is a process report on the community group management application, SocietasPro, which we announced last month.

The first iteration of the application is now complete. The developers among you can download it from GitHub. That doesn’t mean that it’s in any way complete. but as it is being developed it an iterative development cycle we want to get something out as soon as possible.

We’re hoping to have version v0.2 out by the end of the month which, all being well, will be the first version we can install and open up to gather general feedback from.

We’ve also got a shiny new logo…

Introducing SocietasPro

Saturday, October 29th, 2011 | Foundation

We’re pleased to announce a brand new open source project which we are launching, SocietasPro.

SocietasPro is a community group management system which allows you to easily manage your society or community group. It’s currently under development and once finished will feature a members database, mailing list, events system, blog, content management system and more.

The project is open source meaning that anyone can see what we have done and take inspiration from it. We’ll be supporting the project with financial investment, technical resources and developer time. You can keep up with the project’s process here, and you can also follow the project on Twitter, @SocietasPro.

Farewell, Firefox

Sunday, August 7th, 2011 | Tech, Thoughts

As we know from the whole religion business a lot of us have been involved in over the past few years, it is very difficult for someone to change their mind. It really takes a lot, especially when you’re emotionally invested in something.

I’ve been a champion of the Firefox cause for many years now and I think the Mozilla Foundation have done some great work.

But I can’t champion its name anymore.

Let’s face it, it’s just rubbish these days. Their rapid release cycles have brought around faster versions, but this has just made them increasingly unstable and still trailing the competition.

Firefox uses up more memory than anything else on my computer. Anything else! I run Zend Studio. That is based on the massively bloated Eclipse Studio, and then Zend came along and added a lot more bloat, and it still uses less memory than Firefox!

So, unfortunately, I’m cutting my ties.

I’ve already replaced my Firefox/Opera combination at work with a Chrome/Opera combination, and plan to do the same on my laptop as well. The only thing I have held out with on Firefox for this long was Firebug, and Chrome’s Developer Tools and Opera’s Dragonfly do just as good a job, once you get into them.

Farewell, Firefox, you broke my heart :(.

Looking pretty

Friday, April 10th, 2009 | Humanism, Tech

Continuing the ongoing efforts to get the technical set ready for Rationalist Week I’m currently busy installing software and configuring the computers that will be used during the week. As such they now have matching wallpaper so they look nice and pretty 😀 .

Speaking of Rationalist Week preparations, our lounge is now home to a large selection of food products, as per the picture below. Interesting this is just one of several big piles of stuff which is now ready for the week though I think both I, and my housemates, will be glad to get out of the way next week.

Computers Rationalist Week stock


Thursday, July 24th, 2008 | Tech

When you use Windows, disk space randomly disappears.

When you use Linux, disk space randomly disappears just as rapidly. Luckily, when you are using Linux you can use the disk usage command to see which folders are eating up all the disk space. Chances are you won’t be able to do anything about it, but you can at least look at it.

I’ve wanted something similar that I could use on Windows to give me an overview of my directories and tell me where all the disk space was actually going. Recently I found a tool called WinDirStat which scans a drive and gives you a breakdown of the space, files and sub-folders of each directory as well as a graphical representation of where all the space is going.

For example, on my system the fact that half the map is blue suggests I really need to clear my WoW downoads out while the amount of green suggests Windows comes bundled with too much crap. More importantly I can see at a glance that Program Files is using 42% of my disk space while My Document is using 31% and I can then break it down into the various sub-folders and find the offending files.

It uncovers some interesting things – for example Thunderbird is consuming a crazy 4.3GB of space simply storing my emails! World of Warcraft uses 8GB. Windows by comparission only uses 4GB.