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The Tokyo Journal

Sunday, January 31st, 2016 | Life


When I was a child, I used to publish my own magazine. It was called The Tokyo Journal. I have no idea why. It is unrelated to another publication also named Tokyo Journal. I claim they ripped off my name, five years before I was born, but it is difficult to prove either way.

My gran was recently having a clear out and came across an envelope full of them. I have long since lost all of my copies so suspected they might be gone forever. It was quite a pleasant surprise to be reminded of my past.

A lot has changed in fifteen years. Back then I was not the flawless eloquent writer I am today. My sense of humour was less refined. A lot of the material in there makes me cringe a little today. Nevertheless though I think what this shows is that I am a younger far-less-successful version of Richard Branson. Who wouldn’t want that on their CV?

Leeds Restaurant Guide launches

Monday, August 19th, 2013 | Food, News


Today, I’m proud to announce the launch of the Leeds Restaurant Guide. It is, in our opinion, the finest guide to restaurants in Leeds city centre that has ever been created. Years of relentless eating, reviewing and indexing have come together to provide a complete guide to where to eat in Leeds.

  • 188 restaurants and food pubs reviewed
  • Covers every restaurant we could find in Leeds city centre
  • Five star rating system
  • Unbiased, independent, consistent

The book will be made available in e-book format through all major retailers – Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Kobo, Google Play, OverDrive (Waterstones), Sony, WH Smith and Gardner’s (Tesco). It is also available online at At a later date, it will be made available in print also.

It will be priced at a very reasonable £3.99. The exact time listings will appear on each retailer can’t be determined, so follow me on Twitter for updates.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped with the book, especially Elina for her eating and proof reading, Gijsbert for his feedback and advice, and James, Norm and Michelle for their proof reading.

Leeds Restaurant Guide arrives tomorrow

Sunday, August 18th, 2013 | News

leeds-restaurant-guide-small Tomorrow, Worfolk Media will launch its first publication, the Leeds Restaurant Guide. This is a comprehensive review of all 188 restaurants and food pubs in the city centre. The book will be available initially in e-book format, and later in print, as well as being online.

The book will be made available through all major retailers and full details will be announced in our full launch announcement at 9am tomorrow morning. Check back here for those details.

For updates on Twitter, follow @chrisworfolk.