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Tymon parkrun

Monday, December 18th, 2023 | Sport

I took an easy joy around Tymon for parkrun this weekend as I was feeling under the weather. It is nice enough: two laps and a gentle slope but no serious hills. The park does run right next to the M50, though, which does make it noisy. I had a lovely time, though, and was glad I got out of bed.

Father Collins parkrun

Monday, November 27th, 2023 | Sport

More parkrun touristing this week. I felt pretty ill on the morning but I forced myself to go anyway and once I got there I felt okay. Better than okay as it turns out: I went out taking it easy and backing off when I was really hurting and yet I managed to run my fastest parkrun of the year. Not bad for November.


The course was a brand new course due to building work so there is a chance it was a little short. But I’m taking it as a good sign that I’m on the road back to my old self.

The park itself is very pretty. It’s urban and under the flight path but the forst on the grass and the duck pond in the centre were beautiful.

Hartstown parkrun

Monday, November 20th, 2023 | Sport

Hartstown is on the outside of Blanchardstown and has a small parkrun in the community park that is also alive with football on Saturday mornings. The parkrun is easy enough: two laps and very flat but it is just running around a field. Luckily, I was there on their 9th birthday and scored two pieces of delicious homemade lemon drizzle cake.

Marlay parkrun

Monday, October 30th, 2023 | Sport

Last weekend the Worfolk family took on Marlay parkrun. It is the biggest one in the city and very well organised with plenty of marshalls, a PA system and an organised warm-up. It is also a single loop with only one realy hill in it making it very attractive.

St Anne’s parkrun

Sunday, October 22nd, 2023 | Sport

Yesterday I did St Anne’s parkrun. It’s a trek up to Clontarf but it is also one of the most popular runs in the city, averaging 344 runners per event (second behind Marlay). The course is a tarmac paths around the perimeter job, but with some lovely bits through some trees and past the duck pond. And one edge of the park looks across the bay towards the mountains.

Very well organised with a big finish funnel and plenty of friendly marshalls.

Sport Ireland Campus parkrun

Sunday, October 15th, 2023 | Sport

This is a hidden gem of a parkrun. The Sport Ireland Campus is based on a former country estate and contains a mix of historic buildings and new state-of-the-art sports facilities. The parkrun course varies but is usually a couple of laps all run on grass and trail. It’s so scenic you wouldn’t even realise you were in Dublin. And there is tonnes of parking and a public toilet, too.

Porterstown parkrun

Monday, October 9th, 2023 | Sport

After four weeks of not running it is good to be back! I’m still not feeling great but I managed to run the whole thing so I was pleased with that.

The parkrun itself is nice enough. Three laps around a field, so nothing to write home about (although I am writing about it here) but the marshals were friendly and everyone had a good time. Not to be confused with Waterstown which is, ironically, next door.

Griffeen parkrun

Sunday, September 17th, 2023 | Sport

Another week, another new parkrun. This is two laps of flat sith a short stretch through some trees but otherwise around the edge of fields. Unfortunately, I felt ill on the second lap and had to walk most of it. But I still came home in under 40 minutes so the first lap can’t have gone too bad. I managed to get a post-run brownie from the coffee van, too.

Waterstown parkrun

Sunday, September 10th, 2023 | Sport

Waterstown parkrun celebrated their 400th event this week. Which meant there was cake! It is a lovely course, too, although has a fair few hills in it. Nothing too step but it is is up and down.

Dodder Valley parkrun

Sunday, September 3rd, 2023 | Sport

I’ve been doing some parkrun tourism recently. Yesterday, I did Dodder Valley. It’s a nice course. Two laps and mostly flat, with a slight rise on the second lap. Some lovely views looking down into the valley, too.