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Billion Dollar Chicken Shop

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 | Distractions

Given the amount of discussion regarding BBC’s new documentary about KFC, I felt I had to give the first episode a watch. Having worked in the industry for years, nothing on the documentary surprised me.

Obviously, there was good and bad. There is a culture of recognition and many of the senior people were talking about how they had been there 20 years and started as a crew member. As for the chicken itself, are you comfortable that your friend chicken was grown in a shed for 35-42 days and then put into a gas chamber? It turns out, that I am.

Here are some of the best quotes…

The thing is, it’s chicken, so it’s healthy

Scientifically proven.

I don’t any meat on the bone. It sort of puts me off because it’s like that was the animal.

There is nothing I can add to this.

Unless you’re really clever, then you’ll end up in Pizza Hut

That’s my highest aspiration too.

Who will buy a house that is opposite a KFC?

I’m sure she meant to say who wouldn’t.

The Colonel writes back

Sunday, August 19th, 2012 | Life

Last month, I wrote to KFC to let them know that some of their customers do in fact want genetically modified products in their food. They wrote back.

Dear Mr Worfolk,

We would like to thank you for your interest in KFC.

Whilst we are certainly interested in new ideas, suggestions and information that will enhance our products we are unfortunately unable to accept unsolicited ideas and suggestions from the general public. This is partly due to the fact that a majority of ideas submitted by the public have already been considered by KFC and partly because they are not useful given the limitations of our particular field of business. Also, experience has shown the practice of considering ideas can give rise to misunderstandings as to the origin and ownership of particular ideas and lability in relation to them.

We nevertheless appreciate your interest, thank you for taking the time to correspond with us here at KFC and we look forward to your continued custom.

Yours sincerely,
Customer Careline

Basically, it says thanks for your opinion, but we’re not going to read it lol.

Halal KFC

Monday, August 13th, 2012 | Religion & Politics

The continued spread of unethical meat throughout the UK is of particular concern to those of us who try and avoid it for such reasons. Over time, this is likely to place increasing restrictions on what we can and cannot eat.

KFC are currently running a “Halal” trial but I was pleased to read on their website that they have adopted a version of Halal, which is less Halal and more ethical. Here is what their website says…

9. Is KFC’s halal chicken stunned before slaughter?

Yes, due to our strict animal welfare standards, we insist that all our poultry is stunned before slaughter. Our halal chicken has been accredited by the Halal Food Authority, one of the most widely recognised bodies in the UK and overseas. It allows the use of a technique called ‘stun-to-stun’ – a pain-free process that makes the animal insensible to pain and suffering.

That’s probably a tune that we can all dance to.

Writing to the Colonel

Sunday, July 29th, 2012 | Life

Having found an interesting note on KFC’s website, I decided to write to them.

Dear KFC,

I was recently browsing your website, when I found the following statement at the small print at the bottom of the page:

“Our research shows that UK customers don’t want genetically modified foods in KFC products; so naturally, we have ensured none of our products contain genetically modified ingredients.”

You seem to be pointing out that this is what we as consumers want, presumably rather than what is the sensible thing.

Therefore, I just wanted to write and let you know that I DO WANT genetically modified ingredients in KFC products.

Genetic modification is nothing new – we have been adapting plants to suit our needs in agriculture for thousands of years. Using GM crops allows us to reduce the amount of agricultural chemicals used, and is therefore be better for the environment. The EU maintains strict controls over GM foods to ensure they are safe.

For all these reasons, I wanted to inform you that some of your customers do want genetically modified ingredients in KFC products, and hope that you will re-consider your position.

Yours faithfully,
Chris Worfolk

Why not contact them about it too?


Monday, June 15th, 2009 | Friends, Life

As part of our social life on a budget, we headed out to KFC on Sunday for a spot of dinner, especially given the new wraps are out. I didn’t like have a wrap or anything but I did take a look at the wraps that Craig and Zoe got which I feel was adventurous enough.

Afterwards we headed to The Podger with Craig having a quick pint before heading back home leaving me and Felix to have a far more drawn out one discussing sex, money, rock ‘n roll, etc (at least when he wasn’t flirting with a certain someone else on the phone – the cheek!).

Felix Chris Fire

Pub sandwich

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009 | Friends, Life

I think we have perfected Sunday nights.

It now starts at the pub, then we go for some food, then we go back to the pub.

It’s a winner 😀 . Actually it then involves even more food as afterwards you have to the KFC to pick up some ice cream as well but that just adds to the whole experience. You really can’t beat a final evening of food and drink before returning to work on Monday morning.

Unfortunately though our landlord turned up as I was walking out the door asking if we could clean the whole house by tomorrow as he had a potential tenant coming round to look at it which resulted in me having to do some cleaning when I got back. Luckily Michelle and Norm took care of most of it while I was out though so there wasn’t that much to do.

Return to the Colonel’s house of chicken

Monday, April 6th, 2009 | Friends, Life

Saturday having been a cheap night I decided my budget could squeeze a bit of an evening on Sunday, especially given my parents had been kind enough to throw me some going out money as an Easter present and so headed down to meat everyone at KFC – we’re all skint at the moment so not doing real restaurants. We also grabbed a quick drink at The Mill while we were down there so all in all an enjoyable and rather budget evening score.

Chris Felix Zoe and Craig