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A Muslim in Paris

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 | Religion & Politics

I recently returned from Paris (I’m not bragging or anything), and one thing I noticed was that I only saw two people wearing the hijab (Islamic headscarf) the whole time I was there (four days). I saw nobody wearing a burka either, though that is to be expected given it is now illegal in France.

One explanation for this could be that there are simply very few Muslims in Paris, but given the multicultural nature of any large capitol, that seems unlikely. A more likely explanation, at least if I was to take an educated guess, is that the French have managed to create a society in which is the Islamic community does not feel oppressed (and therefore needs cultural signifiers such as head scarves) and is able to integrate. Perhaps we’ve simply got it very wrong in the UK, and the segregation many communities are seeing, is the result.

Atheist Stock API launches

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 | Foundation

Having officially launched Atheist Stock out of beta last month, we’re pleased to announce the next stage of development – the Atheist Stock API.

The new API service will allow our partners to integrate with our site to allow them to offer our content to their users! It is easy to integrate with and comes with a full software development kit (SDK) as well as documentation to make everything as simple as possible.