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Coriander seeds

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 | Life

The Schartz herbs and spices bottles are better than the Sainsbury’s ones. They’re taller and thinner, meaning that you can fit more of them within the same shelf space. The labels on the top are also clear.

But the Sainsbury’s ones are cheaper. And, in any case, Sainsbury’s have refused to stock the Schwartz ones anymore because they want people to buy their own brand ones. So, I buy the Sainsbury’s ones and re-fill my Schwartz bottle.

What is odd, though, is that Schwartz sell 20g bottles and Sainsbury’s sell 25g bottles. But, when you tip the 25g of Sainsbury’s coriander seeds into the 20g Schwartz bottle, they all fit in.

Herb oil

Sunday, October 2nd, 2016 | Food


This is one of Michel Roux’s recipes. You heat half a litre of oil (I used sunflower) then dump some herbs into it. I used parsley and tarragon. Leave it to cool and infuse, then strain it and pour it into a steralised bottle.

Whether I can tell the difference between regular oil and herb oil remains to be seen.