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Magic underwear

Sunday, January 31st, 2010 | Events, Humanism, Life

On Friday, the new season of Perspective kicked off in Leeds with representatives from the Mormon faith coming down to talk to us. I was actually surprised how interesting and informative it is, there is actually quite a lot of deviation from traditional Christianity that is not immediately apparent.

We weren’t best prepared for the course not having things like plates but the food was never the less good and with Essentials now open until 10pm we even managed to source some coffee (Extras stocked it but they only had decaff so I just walked out).

The Gijs returns

Saturday, November 14th, 2009 | Events, Friends, Humanism

Yesterday Gijsbert returned to Leeds Atheist Society to deliver a One Life session on human needs.

One Life Gijsbert Stoet Leeds Atheist Society

Society & Community

Sunday, November 1st, 2009 | Events, Humanism

Rich led this Friday’s session of One Life which was one Society & Community. The discussions got rather heated at some points but as ever it was a good evening of discussion and reasonably well attended too.

One Life Society and community Leeds Atheist Society

All night debate

Sunday, September 27th, 2009 | Humanism

Friday night saw us to take the street outside the union for all night debate in an attempt to talk to even more students and had out some free hot drinks to people in need of one. It wasn’t as fast moving as it is during Rationalist Week but we got some quite long quality conversations and chatted to some great people so it was well worth it.

All night debate All night debate Chris

Those chilled out Fridays

Sunday, June 28th, 2009 | Life

I made it home on Friday at around 6pm thinking I would have a rather relaxed weekend.

I had been scheduled to work on Friday but I had explained to work the week before that I didn’t work Friday evenings as it clashed with my real job but to ring me if they wanted me to do a different shift, which they hadn’t.

So anyway 6:30 rolls around and I get a phone call from work asking if I was coming in.

Predictably, really. Luckily I had kept my Friday evening free so I could head in. It turned out to be a reasonable night although it was gone 4am when I got home. You have to allow for a quick beer after work though, especially when you have a shopping trolley to chill out in.

James James Chris

Back at the Deer Park

Sunday, March 29th, 2009 | Friends, Life

With the Easter holidays having arrived activities have somewhat subsided and so I was able to get an evening free to head to the Deer Park with Si for some dinner. It’s been a while since we’ve been out for some good and the odd bottle of coke so I actually really enjoyed the short catch up even if in the grand scheme of things a few weeks isn’t that much.

Si Sarann Chris

Perspective: Humanism

Saturday, March 21st, 2009 | Humanism

Norm having asked the BHA to provide a speaker for the Humanism session of Perspective he seen got an email from the BHA asking him if we would be able to speak at an A-Soc event at the university. He stepped up to the plate and agreed, so there was our Humanist speaker sorted.

While it was of course BHA brand Humanism it was never the less an interesting session and we got to test the catering urn so given how bad attendance could have been given it was the last day of term, I was quite impressed with how it went.

Perspective: Humanism Laura and Chris The Old Bar