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Changing of the guard

Sunday, May 6th, 2012 | Humanism

I recently attended the Atheist Society‘s AGM. It was good to see a strong turnout and some real enthusiasm. Although perhaps not as high as in previous years and with only one contested position, it was never the less good to see that there are plenty of people in the society who want to make it a great year.

Congratulations to James Gupta who was elected President, Will, the new Vice President, Monique, the new Secretary, Amy, the new Treasurer and Hugh, the new Generic Committee Member.

Less talk, more craft

Sunday, September 6th, 2009 | Humanism, Life

Wednesday night saw the A-Soc craft session to try and figure out what we were going to do in terms of our public image and branding as well as making some stuff for freshers’ week. We spent a good hour or so debating how to turn a large piece of cardboard into a box before Norm turned up and pointed out we could just use a ready made cardboard box which would be significantly easier.

Thursday saw our first proper committee meeting of the new year at which we worked our way through almost twenty points in a bit of a marathon meeting which went on for 4 hours.

Having been up until 2am for the meeting the day before and at the social the day before I was glad get to bed on Thursday night having done nothing but be at work or at some kind of A-Soc meeting since Monday! Fun times.