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Colton Mill and the missing prescription, part II

Monday, May 18th, 2015 | Life

One Wednesday I had a hospital appointment, and was given a prescription request form that I was told to hand in at my local GPs (Colton Mill). Which I did. They said it would be ready by Friday.

That’s an annoying long time, but given that last time I had a prescription it took them nearly a month to fill it I thought I would give them to the following Tuesday until I went to collect it.

On Tuesday I went there at 4:30pm to find the place with the shutter down and no sign of life.

On Wednesday I phoned them. No answer. I phoned their partner surgery The Grange who assured me that they were open and they would investigate, asking me to phone back later. I phoned Colton Mill again. Still no answer. I phoned The Grange again. They said there was nothing on my record but when I was able to give them the name of the consultant and hospital department I had been at, said they would ring through to try and get a new copy of the form.

On Thursday I phoned Colton Mill at 9am. they answered, telling me they had no idea about the form I had handed in, but said The Grange had added a note to my file with the treatment request. she said they needed 48 hours for a prescription request so I should phone back tomorrow. I tried to press them on the 48 hours but they shrugged off all responsibility.

Not daring to trust it to a phone conversation on the Friday, I decided I would go down there and I could just stand at reception and moan until they got a doctor to sign it for me. So I raced over on my lunch hour, foregoing my usual sandwich. However, when I got there I was told that the prescription had been electronically sent to Boots, without having asking me, and as such they couldn’t give it to me.

Finally, when I managed to get to Boots on the Saturday they did indeed have it. 10 days after I was prescribed it. It does technically beat last time though.

Colton Mill and the missing prescription

Monday, November 24th, 2014 | Thoughts

On October 20th I had an appointment with a specialist. He prescribed me a new medication and told me to hand the form in at my GPs (Colton Mill). I duly did this.

Unfortunately, having a job and all, I had to be at work the entire time the surgery was open, and so asked them to send the prescription to their sister surgery, The Grange, who had a 7am start on a Monday.

Having BT turning up at my house on the next Monday, meant that I couldn’t actually get there that Monday, so I had to go the Monday after, which was then the 10 November. When I got there, they said it had been sent to the wrong place, and I had to come back a different day.

This meant that I had to wait until 17 November to go back. At which point they said they had sent it to the wrong place again. This time I put my foot down and told them they had to sort it out. After a lot of messing about, they eventually got a doctor to write out a new one.

Finally I had my prescription 28 days after I was actually prescribed it.

Of course you could argue that had it been more urgent I could have taken emergency time off work and gone there every day. And you’r right, I could, and this would have got me it faster.

But is this the healthcare system we deserve? A healthcare system where you have to choose between being healthy and being unemployed? Such a system would be damaging to society because it would mean you would have to choose between being unhealthy (high costs further down the line for the NHS) or being unemployed (high costs for society paying out in unemployment benefits).

Bright ideas

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 | Life

I started Wednesday (after work at least) by heading off to the brief staff meeting at Colton Mill before the night out. I wasn’t planning to attend any of it but who could miss the chance to grab a pint with Eric and Felix?

Afterwards I continued on my way over to York for the monthly Brights meetup which is always entertaining if a little sparsely attended and threw arround some very interesting ideas as co-organiser Gilly has some very similar ideas to my own (which is probably a very dangerous thing lol).

Sunday night fun

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 | Events, Life

Last Sunday we headed down to The Mill to celebrate my dad’s birthday. It being full though we decided to leave. True story. We ended up at the Brown Cow, now known as the Brown Cow & Dragon for some Thai food. Not that I got Thai food of course but it was nice to know I had the option.

Afterwards I headed down to grab a quick drink at The Mill with friends from work before heading for an early night, of starting work 🙁 . I ended up getting to bed just before 4am but caught up on most of my work. Fun times.

Return to the Colonel’s house of chicken

Monday, April 6th, 2009 | Friends, Life

Saturday having been a cheap night I decided my budget could squeeze a bit of an evening on Sunday, especially given my parents had been kind enough to throw me some going out money as an Easter present and so headed down to meat everyone at KFC – we’re all skint at the moment so not doing real restaurants. We also grabbed a quick drink at The Mill while we were down there so all in all an enjoyable and rather budget evening score.

Chris Felix Zoe and Craig

Sunday nights at The Mill

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 | Friends, Life

Having arrived home on Sunday I headed straight back out the door again to meet everyone at Colton Mill for a few drinks. Our Sunday night activities seem to be getting later and later, it is something that we really should work on even if I do really need the time to get more work done.

Craig and Chris Zoe Zoe

Zoe’s leaving do

Monday, February 9th, 2009 | Friends

I reiterate my horror of town on a weekend. 30 year olds still wearing the same outfits they were wearing 10 years ago, people so illiterate they can’t understand the difference between male and female toilets, drunk hookers lying in the middle of the ice covered road trying to light up their last cigarette. It’s just not a place you want to be.

That having been said, once you blank it all out and look at it on a microenvironmental level, things can be fun.

Having enjoyed a nice meal at Colton Mill Harvester (I didn’t go to the salad cart so sadly I’ll never know whether Morgan Freeman was working it) we headed in town and did the rounds at Wetherspoon’s, Sports Cafe and Walkabout. Of course, the night finished with the obligatory trip to Subway.

The real suprise of the evening though was that Crabs was still standing upright by the end of the evening. First time for everything I guess 😀 .

Group photo Chris and Rich Craig and Chris

Colton Mill does West Park Place

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 | Friends

Because of the general fray of Wednesday night, a lot of people were unable to make our now infamous new year’s eve party and so we decided to stage another, much more relaxed gathering on the Thursday night instead.

After a quick explanation of the walk in fridge (our conservatory doesn’t have any heating) and a short tour of the house we settled in for a few drinks and a bit of music as Charlotte and Felix battled each other to see who could make the worst DJ 😉 .

Group photo Charlotte Zoe and Craig

The open road

Monday, November 24th, 2008 | Friends, Life

We didn’t half get round last night. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in that way.

We started the night with a stop at Co-op to get a sandwhich. But they didn’t have any. Well, they had one egg and cress or some crap. Certainly not the kind of sandwhich you would ever actually eat. So we headed over the road to Sainsbury’s. Who didn’t have any either. So we ended up settling for a bit of a random assortment of food.

It was then off to Xscape for some bowling which is where things started to go wrong. Having found Charlotte hanging out with her 50 year old friends she proceeded to somehow beat us in the first game. Hang your head in shame guys 😀 . Luckily some sense of normality was restored and I won the second game.

Next stop was Hunslet McDonald’s as Craig was on the close over there. It didn’t feel as traitorous as exprected to go elsewhere but then they didn’t have any M meat so was it really worth it? We finished the night by heading back over to Colton Mill as to not disappoint Becky. How nice are we? 😀