So yeah, time didn’t stop

I’m 20! How did this happen? All my faith that God would stop time for me didn’t help a bit. It’s almost as if God isn’t up there listening to everything I’m saying. Still as my mum pointed out on the phone earlier today (on the phone as my family went to Kent for a few days abandoning me on my birthday – albeit with a very valid reason) there is still time for God to stop it before her 50th and therefore I can stay 20 forever. It’s still a step too far though.

On the plus side, I just spent a lot of money. I love spending money. I was waiting for my cashback credit card but then is it really worth saving a £10 when you’re spending like a grand, it’s a drop in the ocean and it’s my birthday so I can blow £10 on getting my stuff a few weeks earlier if I want to!

What did I get you ask? Well, I got myself a new laptop as it happens :). The Samsung Q35 to be exact. Weighing in at less than 2kg, featuring a 12.1″ screen and having a battery life of 6 hours (that’s not a typo, CNET said it was the longest battery life they had ever seen) it’s one of the most ultraportable laptops ever. The only thing that comes close is the Q30 which weighs half that but with much reduced features and the really mega expensive laptops which cost silly amounts. And they still don’t match up on battery life.

I also got some new networking equipment. After all I need to go wireless if I’m spending so much on a wireless laptop and my current wireless router is at home plugging the parents network. Sure I could ask for it back as it’s mine and they only have one computer on there now anyway but then I also want wireless at home because I’m home every weekend for work and I would need a new switch even if I could live without wireless as I would need to at least plug in to a wired network at home as that is what my new laptop is all about – being able to work absolutely anywhere. I can carry it anywhere, it has a battery that can last for an entire day away (or indeed an entire weekend at home given I will be working for most of it and so it won’t be turned on a lot of the time).

So yeah, I can’t wait for it to arrive, it’s going to be awesome. I really loved my first laptop when I got it even though it was far from ultraportable but I loved being able to go anywhere with it. Now that I can jack into wireless networks (which cover most of uni) and will once again have something with a battery life I’m really going to enjoy the mobility I lost when my last laptop’s battery gave up and just went and hid under a rock.



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