Si: A Review

I got to The Library last night around 10ish to find that Sarann had managed to get Si to come out. I was quite impressed plus it’s always good to have someone to talk to while Michelle and Sarann were busy systematically bullying Claire (that’s a whole different story :p). By the end of the night we had talked Si into getting his car, picking B up, taking her home (she had twisted her ankle and so couldn’t walk) and then taking us to Asda – at 1am.

So yeah, we ended up in Asda at like 2am doing a food shop. I managed to somehow spend over £18 even though I’m catered though I did buy a lot of Ribena which adds a lot to the price and I got plenty of snack food too so we had something to eat on the way home.

Overall I rate Si quite highly. He of course understands all the WoW jokes and he has a car (a nice car too!) plus he has his bedroom really sorted – bed, chair, computer. Therefore I am awarding him a well deserved 4 out of 5 stars. Probably the highest score you can get without sleeping with me.



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