Sex, Lies & Julian Assange

Working out what to think about Julian Assange is a very, very difficult thing. Even for those of us in the Skeptics community, who are used to saying “it’s not quite a simple as that”, are left struggling to work out what is going on.

Ultimately, I think it comes down to this – Wikileaks has been an important development in creating a free, more open society. However, such services to the public do not qualify you from an exemption from rape, and if he did it, he should be brought to justice.

Of course we don’t know if he is guilty or not.

Last month, Australia’s ABC Network aired an episode entitled “Sex, Lies & Julian Assange“. It came out very favourably on the side of Assange. Biased? Possibly. But I’m not sure what the motive would be. It has a 50 year history and won many awards for their investigative journalism. In any case, the episode is available in full from their website, so you can make up your own mind.

EDIT: The video has now been removed from YouTube, but you can still watch it on ABC’s website.



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