Rocksmith Diary: Day 17

Quite a frustrating day. I am stuck on the boss on level 6 of Scale Warriors. Between the time I spent yesterday and the 45 minutes straight I spent today, I have now been trying to beat him for an hour. I had to give up in the end before I became too stressed out.

There are also some bugs in the game. Sometimes it does not clear the highlighted box for the note you are supposed to play, so when it pops up the next one there are then two boxes. There is also the possibility that it is highlighting the same box it already had highlighted, and thus you could miss it while waiting for another box to light up.

I could go and play Return to Castle Chordead, but I am stuck on a boss on that too.

I then went and played Cold Company and realised that basically I need to do the entire song on Riff Repeater in slow motion. It quickly jumps between E and B, so right now I am just aiming to pluck the B string in the time I have between the sections of E strings. It also has hammer-ons on different strings to the notes I am currently playing. Luckily, it cannot tell the difference between a regular note and a tap, so it does not pick me up on that.

Finally my session finished when the game crashed on the results screen.



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