Rocksmith Diary: Day 11

The lessons need improving. The way they work is that you watch a video and then get a quick riff to practice on. You also get a practice track. The practice track is good because it lets you use Riff Repeater to slow it down to a pace you can manage and built up. Unfortunately the lesson examples don’t and these are often harder.

Take the lesson on hammer-ons and pull-offs for example. The practice track is easy because it is all on one string. However the riff for the hammer-on video is really hard because you have to quick switch between two strings. So even though I can do the practice track, I can’t do the lesson on hammer-ons and therefore don’t even get to find out what a pull-off is.

The bends lesson has a similar problem. It assumes you’ve mastered navigating the fretboard and so doesn’t really teach you anything until you are really good at this, even though you’re learning about something totally different.

I had a bad day on Scale Warriors too. I re-committed to not looking at the fretboard. This meant I took loads of damage and died really quickly. Also once you miss a string you pretty much have to look anyway unless you can work out what string you are on by the sound it makes and adjust. I’m learning to do this, but it is a skill you have to re-learn every time the game changes the scale so is slow progress.

I’m also convinced that the game is missing a few of my notes as a couple of times I have looked down to check why my guy is not attacking and spotted my fingers are on the correct string and fret.

I also experienced my second crash. This time it happened on the guitarcade games menu.

On a more positive note however I finally managed to do the hammer-ons lesson. It took ages trying to do the lesson, then an evening working on the fingering while talking to friends followed by another age trying to do the lesson, but I managed it in the end (possibly by luck). Then I got stuck on the combining hammer-ons and pull-offs, but at least that is further on.



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