Respecting posthumous wishes

Because you never know when the last time you will get to say “watch out for what bus?”, I thought I would make a declaration here and now. I don’t want you to respect my wishes after I die!

It is in fact my one wish that you don’t honour my wishes after I die, though feel free to violate that one too.

You see, I won’t care, because I’ll be dead.

It always seems strange to me that people want specific music to be played at their funeral. Why? You won’t be there. I really don’t care what you do at my funeral – it isn’t even for me – it’s for you. It’s to help you move on, I don’t care, once again, I’ll be dead.

So does as you will. Make love to my cold dead corpse if it would make you happy, I’m really not fussed. I would rather you do what makes you happy, than respect the wishes of someone who isn’t alive anymore. You have my permission to do whatever you like.

Not that I’m planning on dying anytime soon, indeed, hopefully the whole Transhumanism thing will kick in within my lifetime and we won’t have to deal with it ever. But until then, I would like to take a bit more of a rational approach to the whole situation. So you can count this as record.



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