Official blog launch

This is an extention to the post I made earlier – which was lost and nobody except me has seen as the blog wasn’t liked or anything :P. Basically, I created a script to import all the posts from Nerd Federation which didn’t do the categories right first time so I had to delete all the posts and do it again. Unfortunatly this resulted in the loss of my original post.

If anyone else wants to convert from pLog to WordPress let me know, no point letting the script go to waste :). I have been working on it for a while but this afternoon I decided to finally knuckle down and get it done. Also because I will probably be doing plenty of blogging tommorow as my exam results come out.

The reason I switched was for a few reasons. First of all, I really like WordPress. pLog was a great script and it had lot of functions especially for media. But I didn’t like the wysiwyg editor, I know you can disable it but meh. I was always editing the HTML anyway and it created code I didn’t like. WordPress is all HTML anyway.

Secondly, was psychological for me. I had a format in pLog, four paragraphs minimum, two for the first section and the rest in the extended section. I think it’s like OCD or something 😛 (the emoticons are also cool on WordPress). The result was I couldn’t be bothered to blog much. Won’t be doing that on WordPress. It’s all one thing anyway and generates previews automatically.

Nerd Federation will still be online of course, I may even occasionally post on it. I am keeping it up for several reasons which include the fact it still (and still will) host the video files, it hosts all of the image files for the old posts which haven’t been transfered over (the images themselves, nor will they be), it has the comments which didn’t transfer over either, I have loads of links there as it was my blog for over a year and it also has Deni’s posts on there which I’m not transfering obviously because this is my personal blog.

So yeah hopefully I should be blogging more now. This is now my “official” blog as it were and will be filled with far more crap than Nerd Fed probably :P. I’ll be posting tommorow for sure.



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