As I mentioned in my brief post last night, we went to Oblivion which is a wicked night. I’m stuck in a cycle whereby after Oblivion I think Oblivion is the best night out in Leeds and after Wendy House I think Wendy House is. I’m torn and I think this cycle is going to continue though right now Oblivion was the most recent so I’m going with that.

As usual we have a decent sized line-up, this time consisting of Michelle, Sarann, Fonze, John, Janine, Dani and Claire. After a drink or two in the Old Bar we headed in about 9:45 as it’s £1 in before 10 which is a wicked price so I don’t see why there was a total of about 10 of us in there. It didn’t get massively busy all night though, it’s a really underappreciated event.

Michelle and Sarann went for pizza just after we got in though (and failed to bring us back some!) and left before 12:30 and given Janine and Dani were elsewhere most of the night was me, John, Fonze and Claire rocking out at the far end of the dance floor. The music in Oblivion is so good even if they never play requests. Between us we requested Billy Talent, Gary Numan and Lostprophets, none of which got played.

On to the gossip section. About 2:15 (keeping in mind the event ends at 2:30) we were sat around at the top, Fonze was sat on one of the sofas. Next thing I know some random girl (who I’ve recently learned was named Becky) was sat next to him and then leading him away by the hand. And he went home with her at the end of the night! How did this happen? The student has overtaken the master. I mean, not that, that is is a challenge given that most people are way ahead of me already but I really did not see Fonze overtaking me.

I mean how? He has built up a lot more confidence since myself and Claire have been working on him and he does look a lot more attractive now we have him looking semi-goth with spiked up hair and eye make-up but it’s sooo not fair, why can’t I get used? I would have to struggle with my conscience as to what to do if I was in that situation but it would be nice to have the opportunity.



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