Objects arrive on Blair Space

Fantabulous news! Well ok, moderately cool news. Objects have arrived on Blair Space. And yes before you ask, I will be explaining what I am talking about. You see until now Blair Space has been pretty much like Rawice, a content portal with channels, no pages for specific movies or games.

Well now that has changed. Thanks to objects. Basically when Celeb Storm came along we needed a celebs table. However as it was working off Rawice which had six channels and each one needed different data we had a problem. The solution was to create an objects system where each channel had its own data table.

This could then be accessed by various sites. For instance Celeb Storm used the celebs table and then took its main features (such as celeb news for Lindsay Lohan on the Lindsay Lohan page) using the information from that object. A similar system is used with a new music site based around Audio Senate.

Now these are accessible on the six Blair Space channels (well there are a lot more but the ones it shares with Rawice which are the main articles, features, news, reviews, et channels). If you go to movies, music, TV, tech, games or celebs, you can now find a link on the left menu saying browse movies or browse TV or whatever.

At the moment this just displays a simple list of all the objects though this will be improved over time. You can then visit the page for that object which will search the news and articles database for relevant content, search the pictures and wallpaper database for images that have been attached to the object (objects have actually been used for a while for the galleries and wallpaper channel to sort the various images into the various topics) as well as picking out individual content from that channel’s database table using the data definitions defined in the database.

Pretty cool huh? Hopefully this should bring in more traffic to the site as you can now find relevant information easily. If you want Kylie news or to find out what is going on with Cheaper by the Dozen 2, you just go the relevant object page (I liked those examples to the right pages) to find all the news on the subject.



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