NWHumanists Conference 2012

We spent the first weekend of November over in Preston, where North West Humanists – a umbrella group composed of Humanist groups from Lancashire, Liverpool and Manchester, were holding their second annual conference.

The speakers included Professor Richard Norman, Professor Callum Brown, Julian Baggini, Pavan Dhaliwal and Martin Poulter. The talks were highly interesting, but even more importantly, it was great to meet other Humanists and really get fired up about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

The theme of the conference was “Humanism for a Better World” – getting away from the critical parts of our beliefs and looking to what positive changes we can bring to the world. Lots of food for thought and the discussions we had throughout the weekend will contribute to the rich variety of inputs that go into our policy making going forward.

Well done to everyone at North West Humanists for organising an excellent conference!



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