Not quite a general life update

I don’t have mega amounts of time as I need to flee to work soon but here is a quick run down of what is going on at the moment.

I feel like I haven’t been blogging much recently although looking at the post dates and such I have (though it’s down to a sensible level at the moment). That said it has mostly been about other things such as internet stuff and gossip, blogging about what is going on with me has somewhat taken a back seat.

No wonder though, I now have coursework in all of my modules and a heavy workload at work too. It’s bringing in plenty of money though and I’m basically just waiting for my new credit card to arrive so that I can buy a new laptop and get cashback for buying it on my credit card :p.

In terms of online ventures I am moving forward gradually, I’m trying to wrap my head around where am I now that I am slowly settling back into uni and can think clearly again. I’m planning to launch a few new sites in the near future, especially those centred around TV as those sites are currently bringing in the most revenue.

Finally to quickly recap my personal life, it’s Wendy House tomorrow so huzzah though other than that there is very little going on. Still single unsuprisingly but not being so depressed about it at the moment which is cool. Maybe it’s because I’m clubbing less and so have forgotten what I’m missing. I’ll soon have a new baby to love anyway (the laptop of course ;)).



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