NFL divisional round


It was an okay weekend. The best game was the Packers at Cardinals. I almost fell asleep during the first game, so I decided not to try and stay up to 5am. Inevitability this resulted in me seeing the score before I could watch it on Monday.

Kansas City at New England

Solid performance by both of these teams. They consistently moved the ball and scored. In the end Brady and the Patriots just kept doing what they have been doing forever. You have to fancy them to get to Super Bowl 50 now, even with the injuries.

Green Bay at Arizona

Good game by both teams. Injuries are mounting up on the Packers’ receivers but they were still making plays. I thought their offensive line had an excellent game in particular. Palmer threw some questionable passes, but probably deserved the win.

Seattle at Carolina

This game was over almost before it began. Carolina got off to a dream start with two touchdowns within minutes. Full credit to Russell Wilson and the Seahawks who just kept playing and made an excellent come-back in the second half. It wasn’t enough though, meaning the Panthers have still only lost one game this season.

Pittsburg at Denver

Both of these times were uninspiring. It was just an endless series of field goals. Neither Roethlisberger nor Manning seemed at their best and so you have to wonder how either one of them would be able to outscore Brady in the championship game. Denver only really got it going when they started to really lean on the run. I don’t fancy their chances next week though.


New England to beat Denver and Carolina to beat Arizona.



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