New essays category

I’ve added a new category named essays to my blog.

It will house all of my long whiney posts that you probably won’t reach the bottom of but should because that’s where the message is. It will hopefully be sufficently different from the thoughts category in a number of ways.

First off, they should be longer and more involved. I’ve gone back and categorised a lot of old posts into the category but rejected a lot of them simply because they were too short even though they perhaps otherwise fitted the bill.

Secondly they should be relevant to the wider audience. A lot of the posts in the thoughts category are just literally stuff I have thought about or which is relevant to my life but anything categorised into essays should have meaning for at very least a group people who don’t know me personally.

Finally they should be on some kind of important topic or aspect of life. As such many also share the categories of politics and religion, but not all of them do.

If you think there is something I should write about, why not suggest it in a comment.



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