Mustache is a logic-less templating system, written by people who apparently can’t spell moustache correctly.

It has been ported to almost every popular language ranging from PHP to C++, though it has its origins in Ruby. It isn’t just useful for HTML either – you can also use it for things like config files.

The idea behind it is that templates are logic-less. It divided the traditional view into two parts – a view which is a class in your host language, and a template which is the Mustache markup. The view class can also be an associative array, like you would pass with a traditional templating system, but using a class allows you to easily make use of functions.

It produces very clean mark-up – you simply place your variables in curly braces (or double moustaches if you will) like {{so}} and they are swapped out. Repeating sections are handled by {{#sections}} that repeat based on lists {{/sections}} or are just used once to display or not, instead of using if statements.

The advantage is that you get templates which are almost logic free. I saw almost because of course you do still have repeating elements and tags in there designed to replicate if statements. But there are no logical statements in there – just tags!

The disadvantage is that it means doing a bit more work with your views. MVC already splits out the stack into three components and Mustache divides the view one step further.



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