Long running projects

Though most of the posts here on Nerd Federation have now moved over to video blog entries there is the blind spot in the plan of being able to record video while out studying or at least pretending to as I don’t tend to take my camera with me (although its far from unknown for me). This is really one of the posts, designed to fill the void of time before I can get back home to grab my camera.

Today’s post, or at least this post has a central theme of long running projects – projects you start and rather than going crazy and working loads you start of slowly and work on it for a long time. There are several projects, which I have set in motion over the years designed to do this.

The original of these would probably have to be my magazine. Though it got a little delayed over summer (surprisingly considering I did nothing all summer) it’s not slowly coming back into a more regular pattern.

I have loads of websites also designed to do this. Maze Star is just getting started as a content site publishing at least once per day and there are many websites that I have moved more into regular content maintenance then building new ones.

I have also been searching for more, shall we say, well I’m not sure what the word is exactly. Like passive only it’s not. Anyway something like a game. My original target for this was Warhammer Online although that fell flat on it’s face and was abandoned about a month before it was due out. BBCi’s Celebdaq looks promising though.

What is the point of a long-term project that eats up your life constantly rather than just a solid two weeks? Well it probably offers more constant gratification although I think the main advantage is it isn’t just going to die after the initial period is over, if it’s done right it should keep going for a long time.



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