I’ve recently written about Flight and Silex, so continuing the PHP micro framework theme, this post is looking at Limonade.

I had heard mixed reviews about it before I first began exploring the framework, and that pretty much sums up how I feel about it too. It does what it needs to, but there is nothing spectacular about it and given the choice, I would rather work with something like Flight.

It offers similar functionality, with an integrated views system, though without the object orientation you would expect, which makes it more similar to Sinatra. It also has a good range of hooks to allow you to extend functions by inserting code before and after.

Documentation for Limonade is a little hit and miss. There is quite a lot of it but it isn’t very well organised. If something isn’t in the main readme, you often have to go hunting around the examples folder until you find what you want. In its defence though, there is a lot of ground covered in the readme.

You can download it and have a play around from the Limonade website.



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