La Grillade

It was Wednesday evening and Elina was being too lazy to cook (we take it in turns, and it was hers). So we decided to head out to grab something to eat and eventually settled on La Grillade.

As a French restaurant in the city centre, it has tough competition from Sous le Nez.

We decided to take advantage of their three course set meal. I say set, we went for the slightly more expensive one, from which you can just pick any starter and dessert off the main venue.

I decided to go for the frogs legs as I haven’t tried them before. Turns out they taste a lot like chicken, but not as nice. I don’t think I’ll be having them again, but it was an interesting experience.

For the main we had a rack of venison, that was cooked to perfection and extremely delicious. It also came with a wide variety of side dishes – you wouldn’t think you could do that much with chips and veg, but apparently, you can.

The desserts were excellent too – you know what you’re getting with a mouse au chocolat, and the lemon sorbet lived up to expectations as well.

All in all, a fantastic meal, but comes up at least as expensive as Sous le Nez, so I would expect it to. Recommended, in any case.



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