ID cards paranoia

Ok, don’t get me wrong, I don’t support the introduction of ID cards. I know the reasons against ID cards, I agree with them and I don’t need you to list them for me. But all this overkill paranoia about them is forcing me to play devil’s advocate. Consider this…

  • We already have an identity document system, it’s called a passport. Like an ID card it costs you to get one, like an ID card you need one to open a bank account and like an ID card you are in trouble if it falls into the hands of a criminal.
  • ID cards aren’t some crazy system the government has dreamed up to invade our privacy, lots of countries including many European nations already have them – Spain, Belgium, France and Italy.
  • It’s not even the first time they have been introduced in the UK, we have had them twice before.
  • The act of parliament to introduce ID cards has already been passed so it’s too late to stop them there.
  • Who cares if someone gets their hands on your personal details – they’ve already got them off that missing CD anyway 😛


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