I hate this site

Bah, I typed out a huge blog, well actually not that long but anyway because this site keeps logging me out, everything was lost! It really sucks. Now I have to type everything out again and I have half forgotten what I was on about earlier. Most of the originality and flair from the text will be lost for this post – providing this post makes it at all.

So anyway, Iron Cheesecake has a new movie! After over 7 months of waiting, the Iron Cheesecake machine is back in production, rolling out some new movies. Or even if I do not make any more for a while after this one – one movie. Still it’s worth the enjoyment providing your part of the ‘in’ crowd. If not then simply know that Carl, who is a member of Nerd Federation although yet to post, is really an android built by myself.

While we are on the subject of Carl, it’s worth nothing that he nicknamed him 4 megs earlier this month. That is because of the way that computer memory (ram) works is that it has several layers. The bottom one which loads the operating system is called conventional memory which all computers have around 500k of. But when I built Carl, I designed him to have 4 megs of conventional memory – hence the nickname 4 megs :D.

As for Iron Cheesecake it is still pulling in traffic from search engines as well as getting regularly crawled. I looked up loads of statistics earler but they are now lost which again sucks. But anyway, in conclusion – there is a new movie on Iron Cheesecake so be happy :).



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