Tired! I can’t do with these long days. And tomorrow I have a 9 am start. What’s that about? I’ll have to get up at 7:30 and as student clocks run 2 hours behind normal people’s clocks (your 7am-11pm day is our 9am-2am day) that’s the equivelant of one of you non-students getting up at 5:30. That’s insane!

Anyway so yeah, in at 10 today. Got back at about 3 but then I had a film making society meeting to go to at 6 so I was only at Bod for like 2 hours. Left the meeting early at around 6:15 and didn’t get a bus for like 15 minutes so I made it to dinner at 6:55. They stop serving at 7 which is too close. The bus was stuck behind two cyclists on Otley Road and I was like “oh come on, this just isn’t fair.”

Still have all my sites to update and emails to check, etc. Should be a fun night.

Oh BTW the post title is named after some sort of grumbling sound.



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