Fire at Ellerslie Hall!

I logged on to Facebook at about 4pm on Wednesday to find I had been invited into a group named “Who burned down Ellerslie Hall?” Details soon emerged that there had been a fire at my hall. Like a proper, real fire with thick black smoke, the fire brigade being called and everything! I was terrified at first that it was the whole hall as I have a lot of computer equipment there as well as most of my hard earned material possessions, all the notes for my degree and generally most of the stuff I own.

Luckily it has just the kitchen that had been roasted and the fire had been put out. It was some what of a shock none the less though. I mean, how easy would it have been for the whole hall to burn down? I know there are a lot of fire doors but still. Also, how bad does this make us? Bodington has had two genuine fires in 40 years according to the warden there and yet in a hall with only 10% of the people we managed to start a fire in 3 months? Not the greatest track record ever. Maybe fires of this size weren’t counted. Still, it’s not good.



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