Double take

While at the White Rose as explained previously I always ensure I pop my head round to take a look at the food court’s D to see if I can spot anyone as I know a few of the managers there.

As usual, I was disappointed to see a lack of recognisable faces and so turned away until, what the computer scientist in me would probably want to call echoic memory (I realise it’s not actually from computer science but we cover it in HCI) kicked in and at second glace I spotted Gary running kitchen!

Of course, this won’t mean anything to you as none of the right people read my blog for this to be of any significance. But there you have it. We all miss Gary. He was a legend. And fantastic if you got talking about cars, plus actually has some real money so rather than driving around in a crappy little one litre Cosrsa he now powers around in a Mondeo ST. Living the dream people, living the dream.



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