Disasters & pitfalls

So A-Soc still has no money. We’ve spent a lot of it but we don’t have any. Any chance of getting sponsorship is all but gone we’re in a deep financial mess.

Meanwhile I found out yesterday that Michelle has stolen Norm on the Tuesday night. So he will miss Mike Lake, not that Mike Lake has a confirmed topic to speak on yet.

Oh and the marquee hire company got back to us this morning to say they couldn’t get a crew to put the tent up on Sunday so they are doing it Monday morning. Despite the fact we are all meeting on Sunday to decorate the tent. Indeed I booked the weekend off work (at considerable cost to myself) to do just that.

I could go on. I could talk about how we don’t even have a generator booked yet because the hire company haven’t got back to me and a list of hundreds of people who have failed to return my emails. But I’ll save that for a later blog post.



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