Corporate blogging

At Open Door Design we’ve just re-launched our brand and as part of it, we have added a blog to the website, the idea behind it being that it would give you a bit of an insight into the lives and thoughts of the people behind the company.

“It’s your blog and you can do what you want with it” I was told.

That was before my post was pulled lol. As was Tom’s. Apparently having a life outside of the company may suggest that he would be rather out there making films than be at work. Which is silly. Of course, we would :D. Film making is loads of fun, I should know having served on the committee of LUU Film Making Society for a year.

But there you go, that is corporate blogging. End of the day I guess it is down to the company and it’s not like they are restricting what I can see elsewhere like Leeds University Union try to do. It just seems to make the whole idea of the blog a little pointless.



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