Ok, this is just silly. This is the 5th blog post I have made today and I wanted to keep it minimal today as I didn’t want my recent post, Is my future in application development? to be pushed too far down as I was hoping that one would actually get read and I dared to dream of actually getting people’s thoughts on the subject.

But I’m annoyed and when I’m annoyed I blog. Ok, so it was like an hour ago and Co-op closes at 10:30 on a Sunday so I ran up there as fast as I could and managed to get there before it closed. Only to find they had completely sold out of microchips. Which is what I went there for. Oh well, at least I can drown my sorrows with alcohol. Or at least I could if they hadn’t stopped selling it. The reason? Because they only told it until it said 10:30 on the tills which run faster than the clocks! How BS is that?!?

I’m thinking of killing time with some World of Warcraft now, although I have major patches to download which is BS as well, I just want to go kill some stuff!



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