Area competition

Last month, I entered the Leeds City club competition of the Toastmasters humorous speaking contest. In a bit of a bookies upset, I won, which resulted in my proceeding on to the area level competition.

I had done quite a lot of preparation going in to it – Dinesh had volunteered to come over and evaluate it, I also did it in front of my parents and sister, as well as going to the other Toastmasters club based in Leeds, White Rose, to gather more feedback.

The day itself didn’t start too well though – having avoided the colds going around all week, I was finally struck down on the morning and when I phoned up to check what time I needed to be there, it turns out I was late! So I dragged myself out the door as soon as possible and made it half way through the introductions.

Luckily, my illness didn’t show through too much and in the end I must have done something right, as I ended up winning this one as well!

Toastmasters area competition certificate

This means…

A) I’m currently the reigning champion for Area 15 (an area that covers South and West Yorkshire).

B) I proceed on to the division competition. I’m part of Division E, which is an area that covers the North of England and Scotland as well. That takes place in Donington later this month!



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