A bad day in peace town

Well I don’t actually live in peace show and to be honest I don’t even know what REM were refering to when the sang about what a bad day they had, had. But the end result or to be more precise the point is that my day as been far from the greatest day ever. Which sucks because I love Saturday.

This morning I was excited – a day of filming ahead of me. Due to certain cancellations though this never occured. So I decided to head off into town in which I blew almost 20 on DVDs. So, so far I have wasted a day and lots of money.

The latter part of the afternoon I spent in an argument with myself about the theory behind appologises. It was quite interesting but never the less I don’t like arguging with myself as half of me is always the loser (although of cause it is always the half of me playing devils advocate as my opinion is never wrong).

Then this evening I spend some quality time a party. I put in an appearance as it was an 18th though I really don’t like parties. I could write a whole other post on this. You see, the idea as far as I can make out is to talk to your friends. And then to make it a real party you play load music so nobody can here what each other is saying. As you can guess I am the type of person who can be found outside where actual conversation is able to take place.

Also the route home was filled with chava’s. Out of intrest, I saw a DVD or book or something in HMV named "chav!" which annoys me. Being a chava is not something to celebrate, they are not a welcome part of our society! That is another post that I could fill with content.

Still things are getting better or so I hope. I am cooking waffles and the Joe Schmo Show is about to start. Is it coming to DVD, it is a great show, I highly recommend that you check it out.



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