30 Days of Action: Day 1

Yesterday marked the start of NaNoWirMo, the annual challenge to write a novel in a month. Which got me thinking: what else you could achieve in 30 days?

I took part in 2015 and knocked out this. And I thought about participating this year. But I have more pressing issues to attend to, like my business. And it feels like that hasn’t been making enough progress recently.

The heart has been there. And stuff is getting done. Worfolk Anxiety recently added two new tests and a bunch of other features, for example. But a lot of it feels like it isn’t that focused or is being slowed down by a lack of actionable tasks.

So, in November, I’m taking 30 days of action. And I’ll be using my blog for accountability, reporting back on everything I have done.

Day 1 report

Yesterday I wrote all of the scripts for the exercises and video sections in my new course Mindfulness for Social Anxiety.

I met with my course director to discuss how I could use my dissertation as a prototype for a future business venture.

I pitched guest posts to The Mighty, Maven Circle and Families.media.

I cancelled my membership to one of the business communities I belong to. I’m withholding it from myself until I use it more and take action on what I learn.

I completed my article on metacognitive therapy and scheduled it for publication.



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